Andalucía Respira News Moreno states that the “Andalucía Respira” ventilators demonstrate our community’s capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship

Moreno states that the “Andalucía Respira” ventilators demonstrate our community’s capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship

por David Camuñas

He asserted that this project has allowed for the reincorporation of 14 workers who were temporarily laid off (ERTE, or expediente de regulación temporal de empleo, as the temporary layoff plan is called in Spanish)

Moreno affirmed that these ventilators are the result of the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team that has given its all to make this great achievement—which will save lives—possible

He notes that Andalucía has shown that it has risen to the occasion of this challenge, even before warning signs were seen in Spain

He highlights the solidarity of our autonomous community with all of those who need these ventilators.

Today, the President of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Juanma Moreno, visited the headquarters of Fujitsu in Málaga, where they are manufacturing the ‘Andalucía Respira’ ventilators. The ventilator was developed in a record time of 20 days and, as Moreno said, “is the best proof of the collective efforts of our society, of the most productive public-private partnership, and of the exemplary transfer of knowledge between our university, our specialized institutions, and business people.”

Moreno stated that these ventilators are a clear example of the innovation, development, research, and audacity that can be found in Andalusia. Furthermore, he explained that countries such as Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador have already expressed interest in it. “These ventilators are going to meet our needs during the coronavirus and, what’s more, they’re an example of solidarity because they are open to the needs of the Spanish people and the world.”

Moreno explained that the first steps to taking the device from theory to reality and adjusting it to the appropriate parameters started on March 19. He asserted that since then, there have been many meetings, tests, trials, and certifications coordinated by the Progress and Health Foundation, part of the Ministry of Health and Families. “These tasks culminated this past April 10 with approval from the Spanish Agencies of Medicines and Medical Devices.”

Furthermore, he indicated that the medical benefits go hand-in-hand with labor market benefits, as this project has allowed for the reincorporation of fourteen workers who were temporarily laid off (ERTE) and that the same would happen in the factories of Efficold in Córdoba, Navantia in Cádiz, Avantecsur in Jaén, and Airbus and Alestis in Seville, where the distinctly Andalusian ventilator will be manufactured. “At the moment, this is the only Spain-made ventilator authorized as an alternative to conventional ventilators with CE marking, and thus able to be used in any Spanish hospital,” he added.

The President of Andalusia described the manufacture of these ventilators as a great milestone which shows, once again, the good deeds and qualifications of Andalusia, a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, innovative, and entrepreneurial community. He noted that our entire community owes a debt to its creator and driving force, Doctor Ignacio Díaz de Tuesta.

Moreno also highlighted that its manufacture also had the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team that has given its all to make this great achievement—which will save lives—possible. The team includes professionals from the Regional University Hospital of Málaga and the Virgen de la Victoria University Hospital of Málaga, researchers from the Biomedical Research Institute of Málaga (IBIMA, for its initials in Spanish), and engineering professors from the University of Málaga. “Things like this show our capacity for resilience because in difficult times, we are able to use our talent and do something as important as saving lives.”

He also praised Fujitsu’s work, stating that the company has an unwavering commitment to the progress and future of Málaga and of all of

Andalusia. “Here, the winning team is coming together. Each link in the chain is doing their best to provide a response to an unprecedented emergency. You are Andalusia’s hope and pride,” he added.

Moreno specified that the first shift is currently at work. They have the capacity to generate 30 units, but estimates indicate that when the three shifts that have been organized for manufacturing the device are operational, a total of 480 units will be manufactured. Specifically, the first 300 units will be for the Andalusian Health Service. The rest will be available to other communities who need them as well as other countries, which have already expressed interest.

Moreno then insisted on the need to spare no effort in research, innovation, and science because, as he stated, “our present and our future depend on it.” “Convincing facts such as these ventilators must be that leverage that allows us, once we overcome this healthcare challenged, to promote this territory in order to situate it in the position it deserves due to its talent, qualifications, and inventiveness.”

Moreno affirmed that, once again, Andalusia shown that it has risen to the occasion of this challenge, even before warning signs were seen in Spain

Likewise, he signaled that the autonomous communities, with a sense of loyalty and a spirit of collaboration, have been coming up with responses in addition to the established directives. “You should go to war as best prepared as possible and the coronavirus is a very hard battle, one that’s invisible and very difficult to confront.”

On this point, Moreno assured that since March 14, when the State of Alarm was decreed, the adversities have increased exponentially and that our community has been proactive from the very first moment. “We have tried to activate each and every one of our resources to fight a

pandemic that has taken the lives of nearly a thousand Andalusians already, the majority of whom are elderly.”

The Andalusian president underlined Andalusia’s ability to provide for itself while at the same time emphasizing the importance of having local suppliers and not depending on outside markets. “In Andalusia, the virulence is less than in other communities. However, if a new peak comes, we are prepared because this is another step forward in staying ahead of events and facing this pandemic, which we will undoubtedly defeat,” he declared.

To finish, he referred to the positive response Andalusia has had when faced with the pandemia, without prejudice nor partisan ambitions, always trying to stay ahead of the worst of the scenarios with foresight and planning.

He also highlighted that these ventilators have two exceptional sponsors, Antonio Banderas and Pablo Alborán, who have already announced that they will donate €200,000 for research at the University of Málaga. This is another example of the strength and magnanimity of Andalusian society.

The visit to the facilities was also attended by Elías Bendodo, minister of the presidency, public administration, and interior of the Regional Government; Jesús Aguirre, minister of health and families; Ignacio Díaz de Tuesta; Tadayuki Kaneko, president of Fujitsu; and José Ángel Narváez, president of the University of Málaga.

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